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"So how do we get to join, Magic?" I hear you ask. Well, if you've bought anything at all from us since our return to the fold in 2012, you qualify for membership automatically, et voila! "What's the point, Magic?" You ask a lot of questions, don't you? Simples; I've probably thanked you for your support dozens of times, but I wanted to do something a bit more practical. Back in the day, I'd often slip an extra tape or something in with an order, but we don't get all the promos any more. And anyway, this is the age of the download, so it seemed more sensible to offer a variety of those instead, 100% free! All items in our regular section are yours for the asking, just drop us an e-mail / PM on Facebook (see 'Contact Zone' on side bar) and we'll send you a download link. No limits, have all the music you want, enjoy muchly...


Christ! - "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt" (MMATT 32, October 1989, reissued as M&E 042 in July 1992) - This was actually the first 'out of house' production we ever released, setting the template for M&E's distribution in the years to come. Originally the duo of Christ & Satan, they split citing theological differences, then both wanted to be called Christ! Yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name, I'm not shouting. Imagine a very irreverent version of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Monty Python meets Cornershop with Mary Whitehouse tied up in the basement, being poked with cushions. It's all very eccentrically British and if you like it, you will go straight to Hell, do not pass 'Go', do not collect £200. Many thanks to Philip Hutchinson (Christ or Satan?) for providing the digital files, he's a very nice man. ♪♫ Treat him nice, treat him good, nail him to a piece of wood... ♫♪



Das Freie Orchester - “DFO Archive 1986-88” - courtesy of Lord Litter comes this impressive hour long collection of vintage DFO, recently remastered, back in the days before he joined the band. These tracks feature original vocalist, Baerbel Willner, and she has the most amazing ability when it comes to embellishing the fine work of these improvisational masters. The whole thing comes together in such a way that you'll struggle to believe that these underground masterpieces weren't written and arranged in great detail! A highly recommended glimpse behind the Berlin Wall before the Cold War finally came to an end(ish), grab one now before Donald Trump revives it!



Toshiyuki Hiraoka & Okaniwa Fumihiro - "Volume 1" (M&E 284, January 1995): Originally released as a C46 cassette, this material later appeared on a limited edition version of the "T" album. As that 90 minute version wasn't the one included with the UWU Collection, we thought it would be nice to make this bonus album available as a free extra. Two of Japan's finest exponents of the avant garde do battle with distorted bass, noize squelches, house beats, offbeat guitar licks, dry synth pulses and samples both backwards and forwards. The original review from 1995 warns; "I wouldn't listen to this through headphones on acid." I think I'm prepared to stand by that advice.



Trespassers W - ''K-Septs Für Fans'' (The Bonus Tracks Collection, 1991-95): Further to their contribution to 'The UWU Collection', this bonus selection features an additional 42½ minutes of material from the Dutch legends, drawn from the other two of their K-Septs Für Fans series, "Dance" and "Cross". These present a fascinating insight into the world of the Trespassers (brownie point if you picked up the 'Winnie The Pooh' reference), all the way from radio and TV broadcasts to relaxing in their own HQ. A band that enjoy great artistic freedom, a quirky mix of acoustic and electric, there is much joy and wild abandonment in their trademark brand of "performance music".