How lucky were we to get one of the most talented of the '2000 AD' comic artists to do all the graphic work for the original "Creavolution" CD back in 1995? We first made contact in the early 90's, in the days of the old Guilfin newsletter, a part of the delightfully anarchic 'Free Information Network' that we were more than happy to support. A few Guilfin benefit tapes later... well, the rest, as they say, is history. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, he'll be along to join us in a few minutes...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Hi, Thayen, how's it going? Is it as hot down there in London as it is up here? Scorcher today, again, afternoon on the beach. I love that rock and roll lifestyle, yeah...
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I spoke to him not 45 minutes ago, he's coming, trust me!
Thayen Rich Hey!! Yes Im here!
Thayen Rich Took a wrong turn...
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It's never easy, that bit. How's life treating you at the moment?
Thayen Rich V good thanks. making lots of art. married a good women and my kids still talk to me :)
Thayen Rich How was the beach?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Glad to hear life's going good, beach was pretty good too, VERY hot! So, where do we begin? Guilfin, I guess. I'm not quite sure where I first picked up a copy, but that would have been where our paths first crossed. Perhaps you can tell our faithful exactly what the FIN network was and how you came to be involved?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time He's PM'ing me pictures of himself now, oh, the vanity... ;)
Thayen Rich Yes Guilfin. early alternative networking..
Thayen Rich Just an updated photo of me as the one you had was from a loooong time ago.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time It's lovely, but I'm sure people would like to know about the FIN thing and how you became involved! :)
Thayen Rich Ok. So there used to be Festival Lists basically passed around at gigs to promote free festivals around the 70s...
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Sorry to say I remember them!
Thayen Rich These then became a network of amateur publications called the free information network -F.I.N.s

Magic Moments At Twilight Time And how did you find yourself drawn in? No pun intended. ;)

Thayen Rich Id pick them up at the festivals and protests and thought -

yes I can do this - and we certainly needed something in the area I lived .....Guildford. Heres an early version.

Magic Moments At Twilight Time I think that was pretty much the story of The Grain too, something about Surrey that was approaching brain-death in those days. So, I remember a lot of nice plugs for MMATT tapes in your hallowed pages (ta), plus we released a few Guilfin Benefit Tapes on M&E. There was a benefit gig somewhere Bisley way, I seem to recall too, do you remember anything about that? I know we were there...

Sam Lancaster Yes! I remember a drumming session going on
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Me too.

Thayen Rich Bisley shooting range! A bizarre venue - yes. We had a few there.
Thayen Rich Memories are hazy...
Thayen Rich We had got a bit of a crew together by then and were organising benefit gigs and festival setups.
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Bisley Rifle Club, that was the one, Astralasia, I think? I still remember approaching you rather cautiously about doing a cover for us. I mean, there you were working for '2000 AD' and we couldn't afford to pay a penny for it, but you seemed genuinely appreciative of the funds we raised for Guilfin and agreed immediately. So how did you get the gig at '2000 AD', it must have been amazing drawing for something as iconic as 'Judge Dredd'?