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And a very warm welcome to Phase IV of our five phase mission, as we continue to explore strange new music, to seek out new noises and guitar riffs, to boldly go where no band has gone before. But first, apologies that this been the first major update since the release of "The Music & Elsewhere Collection" last September. That said, you may have noticed it is something of a serious overhaul, hope you like the new look, specially designed to go with the Magic Bullet project. You'll notice a few changes on the navigation side bar to start with, so let me just catch you up on what's new;

  • The 'Home' link has gone, you get back here now by clicking on the new Magic Net logo at the top of the sidebar.

  • 'Sounds Bazaar' is the new marketplace to pick up our releases or grab yourself a nice free download.

  • 'Magic Bullet' is a relatively blank slate at the moment, but I will start adding to it over the coming weeks as time allows.

  • 'Magic Moments', 'Music & Elsewhere' & 'The UWU Network' are all pretty much as they were, just in a different order and the content of each has been updated.

  • 'Links' has gone, sorry, but it was proving way too time consuming trying to keep it up to date, and it's of little use to anyone if it's full of dead URL's. We're still more than happy to share M&E related stuff on our social media and in the occasional e-mail newsletter, so don't be afraid to ask.

  • 'Sounds' has also gone, but all the content from it has been merged into the other indexes, so fear not, all those wonderful freebies are still available on the website!

  • 'Contact Zone' still contains our address, e-mail and social media, but now also has mailorder details and a PayPal link.


Wow, a lot has happened since last September, hasn't it? Things certainly haven't turned out quite as we'd imagined. The late Summer and Autumn from last year; the days when we could whisk off down south for a get together with ex-MMATT crewmembers Shona Moments, Nick The Exocet Kid and Pete Program; the days when we could pop out to go crabbing with our good mate and neighbour, Stan Batcow (Howl In The Typewriter / Pumf Records);  the days when we could have old friends like Stuart Hamilton (Zeitgeist / The Rocker) and Neil Crud (Spam Javelin, Link 2 Wales, that excellent radioshow on Tudno FM and, of course, ex of M&E chart toppers, Sons Of Selina) come to visit us; those days all seem like another lifetime now.


As you can imagine, time has been a little shorter of late (about 35 hours a week shorter because of the school closures, isn't home schooling a 7 year old an interesting experience?), but we're getting there. Over the coming days and weeks, I shall be starting to add new articles about what's been happening here since last September. In that time, "The M&E Collection" has gone on to become our best selling M&E title ever (and even then, it's only "Creavolution" from the MMATT catalogue that's in front of it!); "Freedom Overflow" was club-mixed by Cyborcosis; and the Magic Bullet project has finally got going, with a live radio session, two albums and much more under our belt already.


More about all of this (and other stuff, I'm sure) will start being added soon, so watch for the appearance of new links at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, I hope you'll find plenty of other things to explore and enjoy muchly in

The Magic Net...


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