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" C O M M U N I T A S :   V O L U M E   I "   ( M & E   M B - 0 0 5 )                                          * OUT NOW - FULL DETAILS  

"We are Magic Bullet, no. 1 experimental band in Knott End-On-Sea. Pride. We smile." The eclectic electro-experimental adventure begins with a nod to the first counter culture community we were a part of, The Grain, pays tribute to the cassette underground years and moves on to the new digital community we now exist within. The Magic Bullet are joined by friends; Shaun Robert (Institute For Alien Research), Neil Crud (On Tudno FM / Spam Javelin) and M.Nomized (Fraction Studio), plus very special guests from the golden age of Music & Elsewhere, Gypsy and Levente.


" T H E   C A G E   V A R I A T I O N S "   ( M & E   M B - 0 0 8 )                                                * OUT NOW - FULL DETAILS  

A special free release, inspired by our taking part in The Great John Cage Project In Lockdown created by John Wills, one of the friends of the Magic Bullet featured on Volume II. Includes the Mick Magic solo version recorded on the jetty at Knott End-On-Sea, as originally aired on the podcast series; the 'first take' version we did together on the jetty that was a bit noisier than John had in mind, along with the alternative stereo mix of it; plus Skit's previously unreleased solo response to my "big girl's blouse with no power tools" version, pretending he just wanted to trim the hedge for us...


" C O M M U N I T A S :   V O L U M E   I I   ( M & E   M B - 0 0 6 )                                            *OUT NOW - FULL DETAILS  

"We greet you. Hello. We thank you for sharing your ears with us. You will hear the machines. " The Magic Bullet are joined for this second part of the trilogy by Alexey Kondart (Broken Tapes Records / rådiövölnå), Chris Phinney (Harsh Reality Music / Mental Anguish), Michael Ridge (Quagga Curious Sounds), Vladimir Vpdodo (Shorty Music V. Poiskah DoDo & Friends), John Wills (The Great John Cage Project In Lockdown), Ed End (Le Colibri Nécrophile / Invisible Illusion / rADio eNd) and Hal McGee (Hal Tapes / Electronic Cottage).


" E L E V E N   E X P E R I M E N T S "   ( M & E   M B - 0 0 9 )                                                   *OUT NOW - FULL DETAILS  

We thoroughly enjoyed creating "Here" to go with Gordon Way's video on the imaginatively titled EFSPACM release, "Gordon's Way", so much so that we were up for some more. Fortunately, so was Gordon! But this time, instead of a number of artists interpreting one video, it's the Magic Bullet interpreting one video eleven different ways. The video will come as a free bonus with the download, so you can watch it with any or all of the pieces and see how the alternative soundtracks change your perception of this surreal 204 second ocular treat...


" C O M M U N I T A S :   V O L U M E   I I I "   ( M & E   M B - 0 0 7 )                                       *OUT NOW - FULL DETAILS  

And for the final part of the adventure, the Magic Bullet are joined by {AN} Eel (Charlie Dog Records), Sábila Orbe (Cian Orbe / Internet Daemon / Humanfobia), Piotr Szreniawski (EFSPACM / Pszren), Volker Störtebeker (EFSPACM / Terbeschikkingstelling), Gordon Way (EFSPACM/ DJ ANY WAY), Tonio Rumoer (BenchesBenches / Klopmasjien), Sascha Stadlmeier (Attenuation Circuit / EMERGE), pStan Batcow (Pumf Records / Howl in the Typewriter), Gerardo Colin (OTCRAH Records) and Kev Trundley (Conny Plankton & our cover artist). Oh, and Officer Kitty... ;->



T H E   M A G I C   N E T ' S   B O O K   O F   T H E   C E N T U R Y   -   " C A S S E T T E   C U L T U R E "   b y   J E R R Y   K R A N I T Z

If you're a serious aficionado of the underground movement and have time to read only one book in your life, this is it. A beautifully produced hardback coffee table publication, 305 pages, complete with many reprints and photos from back in the day. It tells the story of how the popularisation of the audio cassette lead to the creation of the amazing global subculture we were so proud to be a part of. No self-interest here, I don't get a mention, this is the origins tale, the story of the giants upon whose shoulders I built Music & Elsewhere from 1992 onwards. Whether you read it cover to cover or simply dip in and out as the desire takes you, it's not an easy book to put down, trust me. It's also not cheap, but quality like this simply couldn't be, can't recommend it enough. Published by Vinyl On Demand Records, comes with 2 compilation CD's offering a sample of the wondrous cassette culture sounds of those pioneering early days.

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