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BBP Records & Tapes (UK, 1991-93)

Personal Soundtracks (UK, 1993+)

Out Of The Blue (Germany)

Lonely Whistle Music (USA)

La Démothèque (France)

Underground Music Records (Portugal)

A1 "Intro / State Of The Art" - An early Mick Magic solo demo from February 1987, until Lord Litter added some of his own magic in his Berlin Trash-Tone Studio in the summer of '91.

A2 "Shades Of Purple" - The most popular track from the album "Zoen Nostalgia", recorded March 1989, features the original line up of Mick magic, Shona Moments, Kate Twilight and Jay Time.

A3 "Get Into The Dream Cream" - Also from "Zoen Nostalgia", though Jay didn't play on this one. Recorded around April 1989.

A4 "Blitzkrieg!" - The mainstay of our live show, this version from "The Magic Moments Album", recorded by the original line up in October 1987.

A5 "The Scroll" - Also from "The Magic Moments Album", recorded September 1987, our original theme and live opener.

B1 "Acidic Heaven" - With Chris Carter. From our early collaborative album with The Charles, "Mick & Chris On Acid", Chris on vocals, recorded April 1987, the whole 23 minute epic. Chris was formerly singer with Lethal Dose and Panzer Korps, currently with Serious Plankton.

FLASHBAX VOL. 2 (La Démothèque, France)

The generic cover we provided had the four of us climbing a wire fence.

  B2 "Magic Moments At Twilight Time" - The last track Shona Moments recorded before leaving the band. The music tracks were recorded in September 1987, originally for "The Whydoeseverybodydoaxmas Single?" Vocal added June 1989 for inclusion on "Zoen Nostalgia". A flaw on the master has meant this recording needed to be edited.

FLASHBAX VOL. 3 (Le Krab Tapes, France)

I realise I'm rather favouring the French here, but then they did seem to be the ones who made the biggest effort when it came to designing their own unique covers. Our generic cover featured the four of us around the Ford Escortron. Perhaps if we'd owned a Citroën Deux Chevauxatron they'd have used it...


Better Days Distribution (UK)

Irre Tapes (Germany, 1991-95)

New Band Underground (Germany, 1995+)

Old Europa Café (Italy)

Le Krab Tapes (France)

Set Cassettes (USA)

A1 "Xmas With Jody" - Taken from the "Whydoeseverybodydoaxmas Single?" Music recorded September 1987, vocal bits added December. Features original line up of Mick Magic, Shona Moments, Kate Twilight and Jay Time.

A2 "Story X" - Recorded by the original line up on our debut gig in June 1987, from the album "Live At Frimley Community Centre".

B1 "Blitzkrieg!" - A vintage rehearsal from April 1987 when the band was still the duo of Mick and Shona... "a husband and wife duo from north-west Surrey"!?

B2 "White Cathay" - Recorded October 1987 for "The Magic Moments Album", instrumental featuring Mick, Kate and Jay.

B3 "Psychojolting" - Recorded May 1988 after Jay had left and the band became The Psychotron. From the compilation album "Grain-Aid!"

B4 "Traveller 2" - Another original line up track from "The Magic Moments Album", October 1987.

B5 "State Of The Art" - Original line up version, October 1987, from "The Magic Moments Album".


* FLASHBAX VOL. 3 is now available  to play or download, courtesy of Matthias Lang of Irre Tapes, just click on the Reverbnation logo