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Throughout the countdown to the release weekend, we'll be posting tracks by

the included bands/artistes right here, come back daily and grab a freebie!


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     FM1. Mick Magic (MMATT) & Chris Carter (The Charles) - "My Acidic Heaven" (10:22 - excerpt)

     FM2. Lord Litter - "Follow A Smile" (4:42)

     FM3. The Lord Litter Band - "The Sun Shines In New York City Tonight" (5:07)

     FM4. X Ray Pop - "DS" (2:53)

     FM5. X Ray Pop - "El Gato" (2:48)

     FM6. Glass - "Glass Planet" (3:26)

     FM7. L.G. Mair Jr. - "Return To The Vortex" (25:25)

     FM8. Galactic Lilah Et L'Orchestre-Fantôme - "Jumping Heart - Variation II" (3:19)

     FM9. Sons Of Selina - "On A Promise" (7:55)

     FM10. Mana ERG - "Another" (5:55)

     FM11. The Flowers Of Romance - "Kashmir" (3:25)


   @    The Charles - "Whirligig Cassette II" (1987 demo, 27½ mins)

   @    Slack Bladder - "Safe Experiments With Bacteria" (1988 demo, 43 mins)


     FM12. Karg - "Himmel" (6:48)

     FM13. Pornorphans - "Innocent" (4:43)



     FMX1. (Magic Moments) At Twilight Time - "Caulphorquaets" (9:54)         IN LOVING MEMORY OF KATE TWILIGHT 1968-99