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C R E A V O L U T I O N   2 2   O N L I N E

T H E   F R E E   S E C O N D   E D I T I O N !




Mick Magic at 60, eh? Who'd have thought it? Here's a snap of me enjoying a nice 60th birthday break with Sam and Twizz on the Isle Of Man, beautiful place, we had a great time. However, I got something of a reminder of those passing years via a chat with the doctor this week. Ya see, at the end of last month, having been experiencing a few funny flutters, I'd had to go to Blackpool Victoria Hospital to be wired up to a portable ECG monitor for 24 hours. This was the week the doctor picked to ring an discuss the results. It's okay, it's nothing too serious, seems I've just been having some ectopic heartbeats, about 50 of the little buggers a day, but I've been assured they rarely lead to anything life-threatening. Life-changing, on the other hand, maybe more so, seems my caffeine and alcohol intakes are going to have to be drastically reduced, oh woe is me. On the bright side, I might actually get more done! In the meantime, many thanks to everyone who's bought and/or otherwise supported "The United Underground Collection", which is still available, of course, full details are on the link below. The next collection will be a broad spectrum psychedelic/spacey one, which I hope to have ready circa 25th October. Beyond that, there are several other projects in the developmental stages, but those are bridges to be crossed when we come to them. Right now, to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of its release this very day, there's a free second of edition of "Creavolution", over two hours of music (and elsewhere), just waiting for you on the link below. Enjoy muchly!


* * *   F E A T U R E D   I N    T H I S   I S S U E   * * *


M A G I C   M O M E N T S   A T   T W I L I G H T   T I M E   -   C R E A V O L U T I O N   2 2

22 years on from the eventual release of our best selling album ever, having paid for itself many moons ago, we are pleased to make a second edition of it freely available in high quality 320k mp3 format for the first time, right here on this website. It's been specially re-edited for the digital age to work as standalone tracks, so you can either listen to or download all or favourites till your heart's content. This special second edition includes a whole album's worth of extras; tracking from my first return to the studio after the demise of the original band, all the way up to the aftermath of the album's release, including a previously unreleased mix of TMR's "Armegeddon Time", and "Storm", a never before heard unused track from the "Creavolution" sessions!


M & E   -   T H E   U N I T E D   W O R L D   U N D E R G R O U N D   C O L L E C T I O N

Since its release on 13th October last year, I'm happy to announce that the phenomenal "United World Underground Collection " (M&E 25-01) has gone on to become our second best seller ever. The amazing 31 album 2 disc collection comes as a DVD-R data disc and playable CD, presented in an Amaray double case, available for an unbelievable 15 GBP, including p&p, via PAYPAL to himself@mickmagic.net (or e-mail for alternatives). Full details of the contents, along with sample tracks and bonus downloads, including the accompanying 64 page illustrated booklet (PDF - 53MB), are all available on the picture link. If you were EVER into Music & Elsewhere, this is an absolute must have...


T H E   B E S T   O F   M M A T T   -   F L A S H B A X   Ω   U L T I M A T E

Released by Klappstuhl Records (SP 008) in Germany in 2015, this is a digitally remastered collection of our best tracks from the cassette years, 1987-92, as voted for by fans of the band. The package also includes a second bonus album, with tracks selected by myself, which serve to tell the story of the band, along with a 25 page booklet, packed with photos, artwork, info, lyrics and general time travelling mayhem. Available on one of those groovy faux vinyl discs in a standard CD case, or as a download, the latter of which can be yours for only 5,00 now it's been out a while!


A F T E R   S A L E S   C L U B   -   F R E E   D O W N L O A D S   F O R   M & E   S U P P O R T E R S

If you've bought anything at all from us since we returned to active status back in 2012, you get to be an automatic member of The M&E After Sales Club, entitling you to free downloads of selected albums and other items, both our own M&E releases and related, plus some provided by our friends across the United World Underground Network. We're currently featuring a number of releases from the excellent Klappstuhl label, for example. Click on the graphic to the left and have a look at all the joys that can be yours for free. Not bad being an M&E supporter, is it?


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