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The owner of that dark and sensuous voice that graced "Lights Turn Blue" and "Demonic Attack", Inga has been singing for many years now. From her days with Twister, first released on M&E in 1992, right through to her current output with Kilter. Whew, do we have a lot to get through or what? Let's hope she's ready to join us in a couple of minutes... ;)

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Good lunchtime, Inga, how do we find you on this gloriously sunny day?
Inga Leru-Kelly hello there
Inga Leru-Kelly Its a cloudy day here in the South :)
Inga Leru-Kelly I have a mild self inflicted headache though
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh dear, very sunny up here today. Saving all the crap for the Bank Holiday Monday, no doubt! As for the self inflicted headache, I'm too much of a gentleman to ask. Many thanks for taking an hour out of your life to talk to us this fine morning, I barely know where to start. Hey, I know, let's do some music...

Magic Moments At Twilight Time You remember this one?
Inga Leru-Kelly Oh wow - Three Times the Crow
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Three Times The Crow - "These Days", indeed. When was this? First band?
Inga Leru-Kelly This is the first time ever I have heard this on the internet
Magic Moments At Twilight Time I digitised it specially. :)
Inga Leru-Kelly This was my first proper band - I answered an ad in Melody Maker - Must like Sisters and March Violets The Cure or something like that
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Yeah, it certainly has a touch of late 80's gothic about it. Was this the first thing you'd done?
Inga Leru-Kelly We used to tour in David Martin's VW camper mostly in Essex as our manager was from there
Inga Leru-Kelly Harlow Square and the Y club
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Essex, eh? Him and my mother, innit though? Well, the first time you ever got in touch with us was in response to a request in the local news for tracks for a forthcoming Guilfin Benefit Tape, that was with Twister. What are your memories of those days?

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Quick nod to Thayen Rich there, mastermind behind Guilfin.

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Inga Leru-Kelly Thanks for digitizing it - it sounds ace
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Welcome.

Inga Leru-Kelly I think it was the first thing we recorded so long ago
Inga Leru-Kelly We recorded another our last song in a great studio it was going to be a single then we split up
Magic Moments At Twilight Time We're on Twister now! Two of your songs went on The First Guilfin Benefit Tape in the summer of 1992, let's stick one on while you're desperately scrambling back trying to find my last question about them. This is "You Don't Know"...

Inga Leru-Kelly I met Neil from Twister he was the boyfriend at the time of a girl I worked with who was also a good friend. He had just split from his band.
Inga Leru-Kelly So we got together and started writing at the Workhouse studios in Aldershot
Magic Moments At Twilight Time This was the track that made me think of you when it came to "Creavolution", your voice had a rich and velvety quality that I thought... "Hmmmn, I can corrupt that!" ;)
Inga Leru-Kelly we played a few gigs did some fun covers - it was weird not being in a band as such - just a duo
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Stages do seem very big and empty when there's just two of you, I know. Of course, we released more Twister too; there was a track on The Radio Cracker Tape, then we did a full album in 1993 (M&E 224), which I've also digitised and will make available as a free download at the end of our interview type thing. Let's have a listen to one of the covers you mentioned, a favourite of mine, The Ruts' "Bablyon's Burning"...

Inga Leru-Kelly Ha my lyric writing hasn't got any happier
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Not as cynical as "You Never Notice"! :) So when and how did Twister come to an end?
Inga Leru-Kelly Oh great you found it! There isn't a version of this online anywhere - I love The Ruts - crazy piano sounds
Inga Leru-Kelly on this version of course not theirs haha. We also did a cover of Bleed Me White by Eat and What Do I have to Do by Kylie!!!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time There is now! I'll copy all this stuff up for the website afterwards and leave the track links on. So, the how and when Twister question? Must stop distracting you with all this great music!
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Kylie, huh? Nice. You know, I will get an answer to that "when and how did Twister come to an end?" question if it kills me... ;)
Inga Leru-Kelly Twister finished really sadly when Neil left all the gear in his car in Notting Hill where he lived (still does) and it got stolen - neither of us could afford to replace it
Inga Leru-Kelly And all our song backings were on the sequencer, those days you couldn't back those things up
Inga Leru-Kelly when we played it was Neil on guitar, me vocals and everything else was on the sequencer
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Ouch. Familiar tale. The Charles suffered a similar fate when their drum kit was nicked. I can imagine how disheartening that must have been. And then you got the call from me! :)
Inga Leru-Kelly Aww The Charles Chris was so charismatic with his cane and hat

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Inga Leru-Kelly Yes then it was time to go interplanetary
Magic Moments At Twilight Time So, 1994, I dragged you all the way to Marc Bell's Brain Dead Studio in glorious Plumstead (that was a place you had to keep everything closed and locked too, Marc has told me some nightmare tales about break ins and vandalism of his stuff there). Did you eat the Baked Beans A La Bubonique!? Let's have a listen to your MMATT vocal debut while you share a few memories of the trip with us. This is "Lights Turn Blue", lead vocal by Inga, backings vocals by our Sam!

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Oh, and smokin' lead solo courtesy of Professor Damien Page, of course! I shall be talking to him in about 4 hours!

Inga Leru-Kelly I can't even remember how I first heard the tracks - I am guessing a cassette?
Magic Moments At Twilight Time Yes, I sent you instrumental mixes for practise.
Inga Leru-Kelly Yeah the studio was in the garden at Marc's he had an amazing veggie patch! I was living in a place with no garden at the time! It was all very Good Life but in a great way.

Magic Moments At Twilight Time Remember?

Inga Leru-Kelly Delicious ..........

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