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                    It's time, I think, for a long overdue update on what's going down in the underground, it's got to be a year and a half since the last one, and a year and a half is a long time in the subterranean subculture we inhabit. Our "United World Underground Collection" (M&E 25-01) has been out for a year now, so it's interesting for me also to review what folk have been saying about it and what impact it's had in general. Now our second biggest selling title ever (a feat which took it only 44 days), it was certainly well received by the M&E faithful. There's not been a huge amount of reviews, but then I guess a 31 album collection would be a great demand on the time of even the most dedicated of bloggers! Even the 'promo pack' featured some 4 hours of stuff to wade through, not to mention confused the hell out of a number of reviewers, so back to the drawing board for me on that one! Excellent radioplay though, been very popular on the airwaves, and spreading the music (and elsewhere) is, after all, what it's always been about.

                    Strangest place I've seen it get any attention was on Pinterest. I don't have an account there, so no point in going looking for it, but I was in the process of checking out several other social media sites to see what might work for us. So I get to Pinterest and there it was, undoubtedly due to the power of bloody tracking cookies or something equally sinister, but top left as I got there was a thumbnail of Alan Arthur's stunning cover art. Why? Only clue was "This Pin was discovered by David Jewitt." Not a name I recognise, I thought, and to explore that further; I would have had to register and set up an account etc etc; and there are only so many hours in the day; and I have a five year old who thinks she's entitled to the benefit of most of them.

                    Oh, while I remember, another piece of interest I found on Amazon, whilst accidentally typing 'Magic Moments At Twilight Time' in to the search bar (ahem), was a copy of the old Secrets Of Sound EP! For those that weren't around that far back, it was put together by Neil Crud back in 1993, featuring a track from each of Sons Of Selina, The Original Mind Band, MMATT and Frank's Dad. Something in the region of 100 copies were bought up by the German My Way zine (whatever happened to Uli Gernand?) and given out as freebies with a special edition, think that may account for it being marked as an import on here. It's an interesting curio from our viewpoint, being the only time MMATT have ever appeared on vinyl. Guess we shouldn't sniff at it selling for 10 either, think it was only 1.50 at the time. Wonder what I could get for my white label test copies? ;-)

                    Right, without further ado, let's see what lights have been shining out from the furthest depths of the underworld...

Mick Magic


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