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   R E L E A S E   W E E K E N D   E V E N T   P A G E


U.S.A. & Canada -9 to -5 / CEST & South Africa +1 / EEST & MSK +2 / Thailand +6 / Japan +8 / Australia +7 to +10

FREEBIES: Throughout the weekend, we're going to be offering you the chance to get hold of many CD's and downloads, plus the odd surprise item, here's how you do it; if it's a hard copy item (e.g. CD, cassette etc), simply e-mail me (address under 'Contact') and tell me what you're after. The name of every claimant will go in the hat and the winner will be the first one drawn out. If it's a downloadable album from Klappstuhl Records (KDL), who have graciously provided us with 65 of them to help us celebrate our 25th birthday, same again, but there can obviously be more than one winner. If it's an unlimited download (UDL), we already have it on Dropbox waiting, so everyone who wants a copy can have one. Just e-mail us and we'll get a link sent to you. If you don't have an account with Dropbox, don't worry, they are completely free, easy to set up and incredibly useful. Nobody need leave empty handed, enjoy muchly...



  Sunday 15th Oct. GOOD MORNING!  
  09:40 Right, here we are again. Well, obviously I have no idea how Fascistbook is going to behave today, so the first thing to put in place is a Plan B. Those of you who are following here won't have a problem, but please beam good vibes at us, send us happy messages of goodwill and wish us luck! The aim is to get started at 10:00 BST / UTC +1 again, and if things are going reasonably well, you can expect to see an update on here about an hour after that. Okay, I'm off to big up our United World Underground Collection further, have you bought yours yet? Have a good day!  

So far, so good, We've had a little recap on Toshiyuki Hiraoka, as our conversation last night was so rudely interrupted, and we've covered Eye / Aya from Australia, had a chat with Mr. Citizen online etc. Looks like we're going to be okay for the day, but got a HUGE amount to get through having lost so much of yesterday! Some useful likes for the artists we've covered so far;
X Ray Pop - http://xraypop88.wix.com/xraypop2 - https://www.facebook.com/X-RAY-POP-139617528154/

Galactic Lilah - there's nothing for her really, but the man who was her Phantom Orchestra for the album, fellow Drum Fondu member Peter Clasen, he has lots, try - http://www.bixmedard.com/

Karg - seem to be long gone, but the Trost label is still active - http://www.trost.at/

  FREEBIES (cassette & CD) We have an original M&E master cassette of the Eye / Aya "Split" (M&E 487) and Eye's 1999 CD, "Politics Can Be Fun Volume 1" to give away! Two utter anarcho teknoid gothic industrial elektropunk masterpieces, either or both of which could find a loving new home on your music shelves. If either appeals to you (e.g. you like good music), simply e-mail us and tell us so, and your name shall go into the hat on Monday morning. That easy...  
  12:25 Wow, it's been really quite busy with everything working properly, promise I'll get an update on here with the latest links and freebies in about half an hour or so, non-stop at the moment. Let's hope Fascistbook leave us the fuck alone so it stays that way, eh?  
  13:30 So sorry to keep you all waiting, it's been really busy on the Facebook event page this morning, haven't blocked us once to give me a chance to update this! We've been covering Zartipo from Belarus, you can catch up with some of their guitar wonderment on their You Tibe Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/ZARTJAZZ - then we did Elza from Ukraine, originally brought to us by Novaya Scena, who have a good compilation on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/ritmika-records/sets/novaya-scena-underground-from - then Levente, originally from Transylvania in Romania, now domiciled in the UK, he has a Bandcamp, great place to sample his fine electronic music - https://levente.bandcamp.com/ - then we did the mighty Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu from Lithuania, again I think their You Tube channel is the perfect place to explore their world - https://www.youtube.com/user/IVTKYGYG - then we've just touched on Anima Mundi from Zaragoza in Spain. Sadly, there is absolutely nothing of theirs online, but you will find a track on the Free Music Page.  
  FREEBIES (cassette)

Yes, a genuine M&E master cassette of the Elza "Monsters Movie / World Of Elza" (M&E 248) release from 1993. One whole side of Elza's unique brand of Russian rock and roll, one of their Can-like Elza Soundtrack project, really wonderful stuff. There can be only one owner of this original, if you want to stake a claim, e-mail and tell me about it and your name will be going into the hat on Monday morning. If you'd like to hear something a little more recent, check out "2razz"... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5jjlNgtXQw


Next up, two great CD's from Lithuanian legends, Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu. First up, we have "Lavonai" (Dead Bodies), a numbered limited edition of 500 (this is copy no. 141 and comes with a handwritten card that translates all the titles into English!), it features good studio versions of many of their old classics, you'll find "Sunparkis", taken from it, on the FREE MUSIC PAGE. The second is their 1996 opus, "Greetings To Falkenhann", which I personally regard as one of their finest. If you'd like to put a claim in for either or both, let me know about it via e-mail and you're in the hat!

  14:30 Hello again! Just been featuring Sphinx from South Africa, aka Jay Scott who used to run Network 77 out of Cape Town. He now makes music under the name of Amoraim and runs the Microdot Records label, for further exploration of his music, visit - https://soundcloud.com/user-241701589 or https://microdotrecords.bandcamp.com/ - next up we paid homage to The Legendary Poptones from Bulgaria and M. Nomized from France, further musical exploration on the two of them can be found at https://soundcloud.com/thelegendarypoptones and https://soundcloud.com/fractionstudio  

We have an amazing selection of stuff from Artemiy and Edward Artemiev, as well as from other Electroshock artists, these are just the first four, trying to sneak in an update whenever I can! These are Artemiy's first four albums, already showing what an amazing and accomplished electro-experimentalist and film score composer he would become...

"The Warning" (ELCD 001, 1993)
"Cold" (ELCD 002, 1994)
"Point Of Intersection" (ELCD 003, 1996)

"Five Mystery Tales Of Asia" (ELCD 007, 1998)
If you would like to have a chance of owning any or all of these, e-mail me with your wishes and your name will go into that hat on Monday morning! There's more to come as well...



"Mysticism Of Sound" (ELCD 009, 1999)
"Transfiguration" - with Peter Frohmader (ELCD 021, 2002)
"A Moment Of Infinity" - with Phillip B. Klingler (ELCD 022, 2002)

"57 Minutes To Silence" - with Christopher De Laurenti (ELCD 029, 2002)

"Time, Desert And A Sound" (ELCD 038, 2004)

As with all of the above, if you'd like to stake a claim for any or all of these, simply e-mail me with your desires and I'll stick your name in the hat. Do have a go, uptake for these freebies is never high, I'm sure people think it's a scam, but they are all absolutely genuine no-strings offers, go for it! Think it's time to turn the page, we're a long way down...