M A G I C   M O M E N T S   A  T W I L I G H T   T I M E :   30 YEARS - LAGER - 1 PACKET OF CRISPS...


So, as it turned out, there was no tickertape parade along the seafront at Blackpool, no champagne reception at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (also in Blackpool on the other Earth), no mega MMATT tribute concert at one of the alternate Earth's most prestigious music venues; The Tower Audiodome. That's in Blackpool too. Luckily, I hadn't cancelled my original planned celebration at The Bourne Arms in Knott End-On-Sea, so come Tuesday 25th October, the actual day of our 30th anniversary, I popped down there for half a lager and a packet of crisps, after dropping our Twizz at nursery. I left my beermat at a crooked angle to the table corner too. I love that rock and roll lifestyle, yeah.

Of course, the Down The Rabbit Hole event on Sunday 23rd October wasn't all disappointment for us and worrying about me for you lot; there was also the final unveiling of the first new MMATT music (and elsewhere) in 20 years! Not to mention the 35 good people who won free albums in the MMATT 30th Anniversary Prize Draw, which we sincerely hope they are all enjoying muchly. And now, without any further ado, here they are, the two NEW tracks! Simply click on the relevant juke box (we try to make it interesting) to play them. If you'd like a copy in glorious 320kbps MP3 format, right click on the pause/play button and select 'save audio as', et voila...


" V A R I A T I O N S   (ON A THEME BY PEPPA PIG) " (4:51)

The Doc - Casio CZ230S, Synth FX

Mick Magic (left in the photo) - Moog Liberation, Vocals

Mick Tron (right in the photo) - Electric Guitar

On the second transdimensional crossing, The Doc and Mick Tron stayed over for the weekend, so a jam session seemed almost inevitable. How often would you get the chance to kick back with two counterparts from a parallel universe? This magnum opus was the result, recorded in one take on our TEAC 4-track cassette deck, Sunday 29th November 2015, my voiceover (and snort) added a year later on impulse. The Doc's idea, it's a fusion of "Acidic Heaven", one of our favourite tunes, with Julian Nott's iconic "Peppa Pig" theme, one of Twizz's. Oink!

  " T H E   E L E C T R I C   A G E   C O M E T H " (12:08)

Mick Magic - Korg Mono/Poly, Moog Prodigy, Moog Liberation, Roland SH09, Stylophone 350S, Casio CZ230S, Electric Guitar.

A solo project, recorded in October 2016 as a theme tune for our 30th Anniversary 'Down The Rabbit Hole' event, utilising the synth melody I'd originally come up with in the "Variations" jam, so both tracks used during the event would have a common element. Done on the TEAC (hence the title) again, mostly due to my love of the analogue age. Guitar strings apart, the NEWEST item used in the recording dates from the mid 80's! Although I confess to being a little nervous about making the leap to digital recording technology, as I really need to do for the next MMATT project, it's great to actually be producing sounds again after so long.


" F L A S H B A X   Ω   U L T I M A T E "  (Klappstuhl Records, SP008)

The very best of the band's cassette album years, digitally remastered by a man (Frank E) with a clear passion for the underground era these tracks arose from. Tracks featured; "State Of The Art", "Story X", "Pandora", "Traveller II", "Blitzkrieg!", "Psychojolting", "Get Into The Dream Cream", "Shades Of Purple", "Bewitched", "Spirit", "Acidic Heaven" and "Magic Moments At Twilight Time". There's also a bonus download album with an extra hour of Mmatterial on, plus artwork/wallpaper and a 25 page A4 booklet. As part of the MMATT 30th celebrations, Klappstuhl are now doing the download only version for a mere 5,00. The hard copy (on a cool retro faux vinyl disc) is available for 10,16 plus p&p, details from Carsten S at the label. As it's on Bandcamp, you get to listen before you buy, just click on the album cover, stock up with Pringles and enjoy muchly while gazing at the picture that unlocked the transdimensional barrier...


C O M I N G   I N   2 0 1 7   T O   A   D I M E N S I O N   N E A R   Y O U ;  

M A G I C   M O M E N T S   R E V I V A L   -   " I N   S E A R C H   O F   A L B E R T "

N O T   S O   M U C H   A N   A L B U M   A S   A N   A D V E N T U R E . . .