M  U  S  I  C    &    E  L  S  E  W  H  E  R  E   



  DECADION 2 (M&E 601)
DECADION 2.2 (M&E 602)

A 12˝ hour mp3 collection of Music & Elsewhere, featuring;

Acidfuck, ADAmor, Alien Planetscapes, Almost Human, Altair,

Animal Factory, Artemiy Artemiev, Axemaster, Terri B, Barking Dogma, Barra, The Bionics, Blade, Blue Velvet, Body Full Of Stars, Mr. Bollinger,

Daniele Brusaschetto, Burning Dollhouse, Dave-Id Busaras,

The Calculus Affair, Don Campau, Captain’s Log, Cerise Eclipse, The Charles,

Cheapo Card Company, Christ!, Communication Union, The Conspiracy, Cosmic Dance Society, Dark Side Cowboys, Deathsquad, Delphium,

Doc Wör Mirran, Doctor Brown, Dopefinger, The Drum Fondu,

Kevyn Dymond, Mr. Ebu, Ed, L’Edarps A Moth, Edition Grundmann-Neubert, Endymion, Equinox Revolution, The Evasion On Stake, Exprimental,

Flowers Of Romance, The Flowers Of Sacrifice, The Folkoffs,

Das Freie Orchester, Siegmar Fricke, Garfield’s Birthday, Cynde Gehman,

Qubais Reed Ghazala, Girls On Dextrose, Glass, Gothica, Grover,

Gurus Of The New Millennium, Gypsy, Halo Svevo, Eric Hausmann,

Alex Hayes, Toshiyuki Hiraoka, Histatic Charge, Idle State, Internal Autonomy, The Invisible Band, Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu,

Jaws Of The Flying Carpet, Jelicons, Judge Trev’s Inner City Unit, Karda Estra, Kava Kava, Klangwart, Krankheit Der Jugend, The L.J. Karma Roadshow,

The Land Of Guilt And Blarney, Levente, Maeror Tri,

Magic Moments At Twilight Time, L.G. Mair Jr., Mana Erg, Hal McGee,

Doug Michael & The Outer Darkness, Mimetic Field, Moonpump, Moontan, Mother Goose, Mr. Quimby’s Beard, Mugwump, Dave Munkhoff, M. Nomized, The Now, Oberon, Robin O’Brien, Opera Multi Steel, Pajama Slave Dancers, Paradox, Political Asylum, Pope John Paul The Third, Pornorphans,

Pseudo Sun, The Purple Better One, The Rabbit’s Hat, Religious Overdose, Revenge Of Nephthys, The Rorschach Garden, Sabotage QCQC,

Sanity Assassins, Alex Schiavi, Schmertz Der Welten, Scrooge, Shay, Siela,

Sigis Bruder, Silverspoon, Sirenée, Sister Sinister, Sleepy People,

Solanaceae Tau, Sons Of Selina, Sosumi, Space Invaders, Star Period Star, Stormclouds, Sweet William, The Thamesmead Rollers, This Elegant Chaos,

Those Who Survived The Plague, Titania Moon, Die Traktor, Trelkovsky, Trespassers W, The Tutsis, Twister, Uncle Id , Unlimbo, Unpleasant Surprise, Venus Fly Trap, Vocabularinist, Cristian Vogel, Werk,

Who Moved The Ground?, Wobble Jaggle Jiggle, X Ray Pop, Al.X, Zartipo and Zerobranco. Includes 5 page booklet on disc in PDF format.



A 12˝ hour mp3 collection of Music & Elsewhere, featuring;

Alphane Moon, Steve Andrews, Arttek, Autonomex, The Awakening, Aya, BDF (Bild Der Frau), Blacklight Braille, Blowhole, Bray, Cabbage Head, Cancerous Growth, Chateau De Fleurs, Mal Cieslak, Comrade (Tovarish), Cosmic Dance Society, Cosmic Joker, Crawling With Tarts,

Crimson Revelation, Cyanide Scenario, Dark Star, Bruno De Angelis, The Den, Dream Baby Dream, Earth, Elza, Endzeitgeneration, Erick, Esperanza, Eye,

factor X, Gina Fear (& Gypsy), Fleischpost, Folterchrist IV,

F.O.S. (Splinter Faction), 4Q, Okaniwa Fumihiro,

Galactic Lilah (& The Drum Fondu), Golden Hits, Grass Harp,

Trevor Hall & The Third State, Heat Beat Cut,

Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste, Heiland Solo, Holland / Skin / Tunnel, Howl In The Typewriter, Idiom, Ignite,

Imperial Pompadours (Judge Trev & Nik Turner), Into The Abyss, Introit,

Invisible Universe, Jackalope, Blaine Jones, Karg, Kelektrik, Karen Kenedy,

Kiss The Blade, The Kitchen Musique Associative, Konstruktivists, Kronstadt, Andi Kurka, Larsen, The Legendary Poptones, Lives And Times, Lord Litter, The Lord Litter Band, Love In A Plague, Mick Magic,

Missed In Diary, Mlehst, Mr. Moto (& M. Nomized), Nachzehrer, Naj,

Phil Naro, Neo, The Networkers, No Comment, No Exit, Nomuzic,

Nova Galaxie Robotnik, Ralf Olbrich, Operattack, The Original Mind,

Kev Orkian, Otherworld, Our Glassie Azoth, Paracon, Patchbay Yum Yum, Patternclear, Phinney / McGee / Moneymaker / Henson, The Play (Igra),

Play The Tracks Of, The Proverbial Watermelons, Psychedelic Dancefloor, Rachel’s Breakdown, The Radiance, Ras.Al.Ghul, Raw, Religious Vision,

Mitch Rushton (Emmellar), Andy Sacrifice, Markus Schwill, Serious Plankton, Sigi E, Sin Albert, The Sonic Arcana, Sound Inhaler, Sphinx,

The Stinking Badger Of Java, Strange World, Le Streghe Dell’Onirico,

Die Stunde Null, Sub, Substanz T, This Window, T.M.R., Troll, U Schnellu, Urfaust, Viktimized Karcass, Carsten Vollmer (Bar & Co), WF & The Question, Wild Rain, Winterfall, The Witches, X Zen Tricks (Zen Tapestry), X13 and David Zax. Includes 5 page booklet on disc in PDF format.

PLUS... the entire 12 minute EP of M&E's first ever 'out of house' release, the classic "Dark Side Of The Sausage" by Christ & Satan (MMATT 28, Mar. 89), a very early special limited edition of only 21 copies, never heard since... UNTIL NOW!




NB: Decadion 2 comes with a free bonus copy of the United World Underground CD, featuring tracks from Steve Andrews, Blacklight Braille, Dark Star, Earth, Eye, Grass Harp, Idiom, Into The Abyss, Lord Litter, Love In A Plague, Neo, Ras.Al.Ghul, The Stinking Badger Of Java and TMR. I'm sure we could find you a nice CD by an M&E band/artiste to accompany Decadion 2.2 also, we like to be fair about these things. Just give us a clue as to any favourite bands you may have on the label, or your general musical leanings, be they spacerock, electronic, gothic, experimental, indie pop or whatever else.

And many thanks for your continued support! Music & Elsewhere, the adventure continues...