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A   N O T E   F R O M   M I C K   M A G I C . . .

I honestly find it a little hard to believe that 2˝ years of the Magic Bullet project have already gone! So here we are midway now, and rapidly heading past the point of no return. Doing something of a stock take, I'm quite pleased with the body of work we've generated so far; the dozen releases pictured above, plus contributions to 58 compilations and other albums, for which we've produced a further 56 exclusive tracks. Oh, and there's another five pending release at the time of writing! And we're loving every minute of it, hope you're enjoying a good few of them too. If not, sshhhh, keep it to yourself, okay?


We're going to take a bit of break from the compilations for a while now, as we have four exciting album projects we're about to start work on, a brief note about each of which you'll find below. In the meantime,  the Magic Bullet link on the left will provide you with the keys to the kingdom; the stories and pictures behind all our projects; links to reviews, our Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Alonetone, Twitter and Facebook page (please give it a 'like', we are very insecure!); interviews, features et al. And check out the Sounds Bazaar for all the Magic Bullet and MMATT goodies currently available. Thank you for your continued support!


T H E   O P T I M A S   P R O J E C T   ( H a m f u g g i   R e c o r d s )


It started when Skit ran in, all excited to show me this message; "Hi Skit, Magic Bullet is fantastic and here at Hamfuggi Records we would be delighted to share your recordings. A big hug!! Gabriel Pereira Spurr." What can we say? For starters, it's a great label and we would be proud to be on it, and secondly, hey, flattery works! So we shall be putting together a kind of 'best of / MB sampler' for them very soon, including some special and exclusive new mixes...


The Default Standard Records Split Project


This one has been on the 'stuff we want to do' list for a while now, but ourselves and Mr. Cosmos have only recently started trading ideas. The project is now at status all systems go...

The Bromtol Largesse 3-Way Split Project


That very nice Mr. Eel has invited us to curate and contribute to a 3-way split album for his and Mr. Störtebeker's noble label. We have a concept and two interesting experimental artists in mind...


T H E   C R U D I T A S   P R O J E C T   ( L i n k 2 W a l e s   R e c o r d s )


Neil Crud has been a great support to the Magic Bullet, virtually from day one, and actually offered us a CD album on his label months ago, not to mention a second session on his Punk & Beyond show on Louder Than War Radio and a video! We have quite a lot of ideas, pushing well beyond the boundaries of anything we've done to date, but have delayed the execution thus far because if he's investing all of that in us, we went it to be the absolute best it can be...


B A C K   I S S U E S